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The 'Wheeler Dealers' 

Hosted by Discovery Channel's 'Wheeler Dealers' Mike Brewer and Edd China, the Live Stage presented a full daily programme of motoring entertainment including the 'Practical Challenge', classic car parades, special guests, meet the experts, gameshows, giveaways and general tomfoolery all day, every day. It wasn't a formal or stuffy affair, visitors just along, grabed a seat (for free), met the guys and enjoyed the show.

If you're a fan of TV motoring programmes then, no doubt, you'll already know all about our regular Live Stage hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China.

Wheeler Dealers is one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel and the biggest motoring show in the world! Mike Brewer buys and sells cars while his TV partner, Edd China, an 'English eccentric' engineer repairs and restores the car to tip top condition for Mike to sell for a tidy profit.

The Practical Challenge saw Edd and his band of mechanics working together to get a classic car restored in just three-days. They triumphed with the Triumph Spitfire in 2011, made mincemeat of the Morris Minor Van in 2012, marvelled at the MG in 2013, were victorious with the VW Beetle in 2014, and made mincemeat of the MX-5 in 2015.

In recent years, the dynamic duo have been joined by the new kid on the block - For the Love of Cars' Ant Anstead and 2016 was no different. Car Designer, engineer, artist and professional cake eater, Ant brought his expertise, passion for motoring and plenty of charm to the Live Stage - as well as an excessive amount of cake from his adoring fans. 

Between the three fellas, there were plenty of laughs, banter and surprises as well as special guests dropping in to join the fun. 

Practical Challenge with Practical Classics 

This year’s star car on the Live Stage was a beautiful Morris Minor Series MM. Practical Classics magazine teamed up with the Morris Minor Owners club to restore the 1949 Lowlight as a celebration of the club’s ruby anniversary and the Morris Minor’s victory in the Britain’s Favourite Classic competition.

The car seen on stage was found in a garage in Solihull, West Midlands, after its owner died part way through a restoration. The owners’ son contacted the club, who bought the car in 2013 as a bare shell with a rather large pile of parts. The shell itself was ok, with lots of welding having been carried out but the panels that came with it were frilly and warped after an over enthusiastic session at the shot blasters!

MMOC Members got the bare shell rolling in time for the 2015 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, where the bottom end of the engine was rebuilt - live. Since then the car has moved to the Practical Classics workshop where the PC team have ripped into it, ably assisted by a small army of MMOC members.

A massive amount of bodywork has been completed and hours of prep work done to get to where it started on the 2016 show, with a Ruby-hued shell ready to be built into a complete car by the end of the three days on stage. The Practical Classics team (Matt James and Danny) joined forces with the MMOC ‘massive’  (Sandy, Adrian, Tom, Andrew, another Andrew, Amanda and others) to get this historic motor ready for the traditional celebrity back stage test drive!

Now finished, the car will become a publicity and fundraising vehicle for the club and its many charitable endeavours, and will serve as an enduring reminder of the club’s 40th anniversary year. It is also the perfect way to celebrate the Morris Minor being crowned Britain’s Favorite Classic in the Practical Classics poll.

FACTOID: The moggy on the live stage was built between November 15-17, 1949. Then it was dispatched from Cowley on November 22 for the export market. It came back into the UK in September 1952, when it was registered in Surrey, which points to it having been originally dispatched to an army family in BAOR, Germany, and re-imported on the family’s return to blighty.

MM Morris Minor Tech Specs:

  • 1949 Morris Minor ‘Lowlight’
  • Engine: 918cc 4cyl Sidevalve
  • Power: 29.5bhp@4400rpm
  • Torque: 37lbft@2400rpm
  • Gearbox: 4-speed manual
  • 0-50mph: 36.5sec
  • Top Speed: 62mph
  • Fuel Economy: 36mpg

Take a look at what we had on the live stage at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016- 


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